Online Rap Battles / Song Contests

Rap Everest

My Rap Game is an entertainment company that specializes in hosting ONLINE battles/song contests for rappers and fans. We gather artists from all around the world in one place and give them an opportunity to showcase their skills!

Do you believe you are an amazing lyricist or a battle rapper that could compete with the best of them? Do you have an important message to share or do you just want to rep. where you from?

Put your skills to the test! Show everyone what you got and hear what judges have to say about your music!

Join a battle league and participate in our events.

This is your time to seize the moment:
Compete against 100s of MC’s
Gain recognition for your work
Unique social experience
Showcase your talent
Improve your skills
Make connections
Win money!

If you have any questions, please contact the organizing committee.